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Accelerate digital transformation


Reduction in IT backlog


Reduction in dependencies for hard-to-hire skills

Looking to bridge the gap between what the business needs and what IT can deliver quickly?

Adopting a low-code/no-code platform gives IT, power users, and citizen developers alike the agility and tools to build smart apps rapidly that solve critical business problems, often with little-to-no technical expertise. Today, low-code/no-code platforms empower businesses with self-service innovation, drive operational efficiencies, and help to reduce development costs. By setting the right adoption plan and governance in place, you can facilitate the building of low-code solutions to enhance data-driven decision making and collaboration.

Our “3-A rule process” to accelerating innovation in every step of your app journey

We follow a process of 3 rules to identify your business needs, in order to accelerate every step of the app journey


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Consultation deliverables

Consultation deliverables

  • Analysis of your current business needs, pain points, and unique requirements for a low-code app
  • Assessment of your data readiness and data maturity for low-code app development
  • Understand what custom or standard integrations you may require
  • Assess your current IT landscape to catalogue existing or future applications
  • Recommendation for how you can innovate faster with low-code apps

“Accelerating digital transformation is the top reason most IT leaders chose a low-code platform, with 69% focusing on finishing the work of digital transformation.”

CloudMoyo – A Microsoft Gold Partner

A trusted advisor for readiness for, adoption, and governance of low-code and no-code technology 

CloudMoyo enables customers in their enterprise data transformation journey by leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform. With Power Platform, we help customers use low/no-code functionalities with Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents. We accelerate time-to-value by designing and developing critical parts of the data architecture with a faster, cost-effective approach. Built on Azure, the platform is elastic, secure, and highly scalable. We help organizations link them to Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and hundreds of other apps to build end-to-end business solutions using a Low-code/No-code approach.

Microsoft Power Platform Low-code No-code

Bring business and IT together with Microsoft Power Platform.

Benefits of low-code/no-code technology


For the Business

  • Automate workflows and processes to save time and focus efforts on more strategic initiatives
  • Analyze and explore data to uncover actionable insights for data-driven decision making
  • Solve practical problems by identifying smart and secure digital solutions

For IT

  • Facilitate the quick development of custom apps while still retaining the use of traditional code-based development and having governance in place
  • Reduce the threshold for application ROI and the need to manage scarce talent
  • Identify heavily-used apps that requires more oversight, reducing the focus on rarely-used IT app processes

For the (Employees) User

  • Facilitate the solving of pressing business and process problems with low-code apps and process automation
  • Collaborate better within teams and across the organization with a single source of truth for data
  • Centralization and personalization: Visualize and embed into a hub for teamwork, and for the individual user to execute daily tasks

Ready to embrace Low-code/No-code technology?
We can help you start small and go big!

Request a demo today and after a quick exploratory call,
we’ll demonstrate how:

  • This technology can provide business and IT benefits, including faster time-to-value, increased efficiencies, and lower development costs
  • How this technology can increase enterprise ability to innovate on-the-fly
  • Process for assessing existing enterprise architecture and data maturity for low-code/no-code
  • What policy governance you should put in place to manage data access, custom connectors, or integrations with other business applications
  • How to align low-code technology platforms with digital ethics frameworks
  • How to scale low-code technology adoption and performance with a center of excellence model
low-code No-code consultation

Learn about low-code/no-code technology, on-demand

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Power BI

Large tax company transforms data architecture with Azure HDInsight

On-demand webcasts

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Infographic: Business and IT pushes for low-code adoption, and how low-code can accelerate digital transformation

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