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We work with a variety of industries and have expertise across multiple technology platforms. From railroad solutions to digital services, our experts create solutions to solve your unique business challenges​.

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A powerful suite of digital systems for effective, safe, and compliant crew operations. CloudMoyo’s Unified Crew & Safety Management promotes collaboration, data visibility and analysis, integrated functions, and organization initiatives by unifying all business solutions for crew and safety management. Explore our Crew Management System, Operational Testing System, On-the-Job Training Management System, and Qualification Tracking System to increase safety standards, manage your crews, and empower your workforce.
Automate revenue settlement processing and dispute resolution involved in interline rail freight shipment. The CloudMoyo Interline Settlement System (ISS) works with Railinc CISS and acts as a single source of truth for all data related to your interline shipment, improving the efficiency, timing, and overall quality of interline settlements.

Fast-track your railroad modernization through the CloudMoyo Rail Transportation Management (CTRM) Software Suite. CTRM automates core operations, manages crews, optimizes assets, obtains commercial visibility, and supports safety compliance – all powered by advanced analytics and AI/ML. This software suite has applications to handle the complex demands a variety of rail business processes.

Power BI is a powerful data visualization tool that turns your unrelated data sources into cohesive, immersive visuals. Transform siloed data from outdated legacy platforms into stunning visuals and interactive dashboards that tell a story. Power BI can maximize your organization’s ROI and empower you to make even better business decisions.
ICI apps built on the Power platform which integrate into the ICI platform, help customers address specific business requirements and get even more out of their investment in the Icertis Contract Intelligence Platform.

SRM App – Supplier Relationship Management App

Icertis is expanding its market coverage through Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Suite that provides value to the procurement functions in the enterprise setup. Built on top of the ICI Platform, this app enables businesses to handle both standard supplier management challenges and those unique to their business cases, processes, and policies. Icertis gives the flexibility to configure the App as per the customer requirement, making it a truly enterprise App. The App ensures that buyers and suppliers are both facilitated in procurement activities and processes, with significant benefits for both parties.
It focuses on managing suppliers efficiently, and therefore, eliminates the woes of procurement teams, who are constantly striving to assess and choose the right suppliers. The App is a comprehensive solution to the existing pain points in buyer-supplier relationships, and it helps by:
  • Providing a single source of truth, with a unified and synchronized data source solving problems related to data disparity between multiple systems (CLM, ERP, P2P etc.)
  • Improving Governance and Compliance by real-time tracking, monitoring and detection of changes in critical supplier information (external databases and federated lists)
  • Expediting the supplier onboarding cycle time, and removing potential bottlenecks, with automated workflows, rules, notifications/reminders and dashboards, all of which ensure continuous tracking of SLAs
  • Improving relationships through collaboration, allowing the supplier’s self-service capabilities to keep their information updated and relevant
  • Fostering interoperability with other business apps, and deriving benefits through seamless integration with Sourcing App

KYC App – Know Your Customer App

You have to know your customers well to best serve them. Customer needs to conducta periodic screening of clients, individuals, organizations and other related entities. For this screening process, the customer is required to combine and validate data from multiple sources like D&B & ICI platform. The manual process induces errors. The KYC app helps avoiding such errors. It incorporates all the data from ICI and the D&B platform with an available set of connectivity options. This app is compatible with various devices like tabs, laptop, and mobile (Android, iOS).
  • Smoothening the screening process and have a quick processing time.
  • Automating the collection of data makes the process less error-prone.
  • Wide application compatibility on different devices, which caters to different types of users as well.

Contract Request App

The contract request app when integrated with the Icertis Contract Intelligence platform smoothens the overall contract lifecycle.
The contract request app:
  • Enables the non-ICI users to generate the contract request with the CONTRACT administrator in ICI. This contract request integration with ICI empowers the client to control the contract lifecycle management and modernize it.
  • Smoothens the approval process without any manual intervention.
  • Struck out the need to have an ICI license for non – ICI users.
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