COVID-19 Response


CloudMoyo Fights COVID-19

When COVID-19 was announced as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization in March 2020, the world froze and organizations stepped into action to take care of not only their business, but also their employees. CloudMoyo created our Four Rings of Responsibility to make clear to our community what matters most and in what order: In uncertain times, our commitment to the health and safety of our employees, communities, customers, and partners is stronger than ever.

As a partner for our customers in the supply chain industry, we’ve implemented policies and benefits for COVID-19 that put the safety of our employees first so they can stay physically and mentally healthy, and are able to work to the best of their ability. Partnering with Icertis, CloudMoyo has provided the following community services:

Contributed a fully-equipped ambulance and ventilators to Sahyadri Hospitals


Set up a free mobile vaccination facility in association with the Rotary Club and the Pune Municipal Corporation


Donated 500 PPE kits for the Pune Police, in association with the Rotary Club


Provided 300 bedside tables and medicine racks to public hospitals managed by the Pune Municipal Corporation


Set up an internal CloudMoyo volunteer group where employees are able to come together and pool resources to help the greater community


Created a COVID-19 help desk to share connections with hospitals, plasma donors, and blood banks

How CloudMoyo Continues to Keep COVID-19 in Mind


As the world slowly opens up, we’re excited to reunite our offices across the globe! With this exciting news, we still want to keep our employees safe and healthy as they work from the office or travel to other locations for work.

We currently encourage a hybrid work model, allowing employees to connect in-person with their teams two days a week. We believe this encourages camaraderie and allows us to build deeper connections with our community.

We encourage all those who feel sick to stay home until you’re feeling better and receive a negative COVID test. For those who have recently traveled, CloudMoyo asks for a 10-day quarantine or negative COVID test prior to returning to the office.