DevOps Services

Continuous delivery and long-term benefits of cloud infrastructure

Agile software development expertise and IT operations together can provide a comprehensive set of DevOps Services. As part of this service, you have access to continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD), business continuity and disaster recover (BCDR) plan, and Azure security and monitoring. This combines to drive cost efficiencies, improve security and scalability for data and applications, minimize disruptions, and provide governance and support services. Our solution can address the lack of in-house skills to continuously deploy and integrate cloud applications, the need for improved security for information protection, and reduce the high downtime during production and deployment.

Benefit from continuous support and DevOps practices to tap into cloud benefits

Our capabilities

Meet all your business requirements within a single IT service while extracting the long-term benefits of the cloud through Azure security
best practices and test automation.

Continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD)

Build across environments, automate build tests, and conduct build compliance checks—all while ensuring high availability and no downtime during production and deployment.

Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR)

Always be prepared with automated monitoring of and alerts for your cloud applications, recovery plans for resources and data, and mock drills down-to-par for disaster recovery. We’ll predefine templates to manually capture data during potential downtimes. At the end of the day, you can scale up or down based on load and schedule.

Security and audits

To make sure your business is secure 24/7, we provide management for identity, access and entitlement; data and information protection; threat and vulnerability; and security policy. Along with this, you’ll get risk and compliance assessments to make sure you’re on the right track, along with software and systems services assurance.


Say no to manual monitoring of your production environments. Smartly manage and closely monitor your cloud services with our automated monitoring solution. This helps the support and development teams to proactively fix issues in Azure resources as well as in the application.

Start achieving agility and cost savings with our DevOps Services today

Benefits of CloudMoyo DevOps Services

Avoid disruptions and downtime during deployment with CI/CD

Scale as needed while monitoring apps through BCDR

Governance and savings with best practices and automation

Proactive actions through alerts

Tap into security and threat protection

Save time with automated monitoring of production environments

Proactively fix issues in applications with close monitoring

Accelerate DevOps with CI/CD, BCDR, and security and monitoring services


Customer success story

Cloud data architecture for a consulting engineering company

Customer success story

Cloud-based deal management system
for one of the largest global tech firms

Customer success story

AEC company draws valuable insights from data to drive business strategies and operations

Why CloudMoyo

CloudMoyo is a leading partner in driving resilience through digital transformation with cloud and AI. Our expertise and size uniquely positions us to fast-track projects, and scale up or down cost-effectively. 

Product DNA

Our product and engineering DNA produces enterprise transformation with resilience. We develop industry and customer-focused products to deliver value and gain a competitive edge.

Scalable and global distribution

We can scale your project or implementation up or down depending on the needs of your business while offering 24*7 support with a globally distributed Center of Excellence.

Platform-driven approach

CloudMoyo has engineered in-house frameworks and platforms to create cost-effective, scalable, and secure cloud-based data, analytics, and AI solutions.

Deep Azure cloud, data, and AI expertise

CloudMoyo is a Gold competency partner across Azure cloud platform and data analytics. We bring advanced analytics capabilities to transform complex data into business insights and modernize the data landscape.

FastTracktoValue™ methodology

We provide a Center of Excellence with our unique FastTracktoValue™ approach and flexible engagement models to drive innovation.

Commitment to values

We are committed to our values of FORTE in order to establish and support data-driven innovation. FORTE defines our relationships with our employees, partners, and customers.

Leading brands and innovators trust CloudMoyo vision, mission, and expertise to enable a seamless enterprise modernization.

years of Azure cloud experience


global locations

“Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a fundamental part of our IT ecosystem. Cloud-based data solutions like Azure along with a technology partner like CloudMoyo are going to be crucial for data-intensive companies like ours”

– Director, Business Intelligence at a Fortune 500 company