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The age-old battle against rising data siloes, information gaps, and incomplete understandings of the health of an organization has been fought for years. This struggle has made the arrival of cloud integration on the scene of an organization’s trajectory to the cloud a game-changer. Bringing together disparate, on-premises systems together with cloud-based applications, cloud integration has given companies comprehensive access to and visibility into their data, improved functional connectivity, and flexibility and connectivity never seen before. By 2021 alone, predicts Gartner, over 75% of mid-size and large organizations will have adopted a multi-cloud or hybrid integration strategy that will maximize the value of each integration.

Breaking down data siloes, improving connectivity and visibility, and ultimately optimizing your business processes is what we at CloudMoyo go to work excited about each and every day. Our team of experts, armed with the right tools and technologies, help you connect various applications, systems, repositories, and IT environments for the real-time exchange of data and processes. Once combined, all this data and integrated cloud services can be accessed by multiple devices over a network or through the internet, a perfect approach for a growing company with an expanding set of end-users.

Ready for no more data siloes?

CloudMoyo Cloud Integration services respond to your need to share data among cloud-based applications and to unify all your sources of information, from CRM and ERP systems to on-premises SQL and cloud-native applications.

Our Cloud Integration capabilities

Bringing you the full spectrum of cloud services

We are the enterprise partner to help you unlock full visibility into your data as you scale cloud solutions—all without disrupting the business or compromising data security. We want nothing short of excellence for you, and together, we can accelerate the time-to-value of your technology investment.  Here’s how:

API-first integration

Make consistent, reusable APIs a part of your cloud integration strategy

Data rationalization, normalization, and common entity schema

Drive cost savings, reduce redundancies and improve data integrity, and apply structural and sematic consistency across apps

ETL/ELT integration

Pull data from remote sources, transform it, and load it into your preferred location

Cloud-based analytics

Quickly draw insights and remove siloes with implementation of data analytics in the cloud

App-to-app integration

Leverage open APIs to integrate apps and streamline business processes

Rapid messaging

Reliable and quick delivery of messages from one source to another

Custom integrations

Customized integrations to connect applications

Event-driven messages and file-based payloads

Operate event-driven solutions on the cloud and manage payloads

What services do you need for your cloud integration project

The challenges of disparate systems and applications

Data siloes flourish

Time poured into managing disparate systems

Lack of collaboration

Rising costs from system upgrades

Accessibility issues

Connection difficulties 

Why cloud integration?

It’s not enough to deploy cloud-based applications. If both data between systems and business processes remain isolated, the lack of integration becomes an exponentially need. Cloud integration has revolutionized this landscape, offering the flexibility and security in your movement towards creating a one-enterprise view of your organizational data, equipping everyone from the C-suite down.


Unparallel security


Scale quickly or depending on the need


Access applications across devices


Exchange data and processes in real-time



Ready to get started?                                                                   

CloudMoyo Cloud Engineering offerings

Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE)

App innovation

Power Platform Proof of Concept (PoC)

Why CloudMoyo?

We’re on a mission to help enterprises juggle the challenges of cloud data architecture, and embrace the value of using data to drive business outcomes.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we take a holistic approach to empower businesses to move to the cloud by assessing their existing business infrastructure and deploying solutions for moving the different functions to a cloud-based system. Our cloud services accelerate time-to-value.

What our customers are saying about CloudMoyo

“CloudMoyo is positioned at the intersection of business and technology, allowing them to quickly come up to speed with our complex processes and business requirements. This, combined with their agility, focus on quality, and deep understanding of Microsoft Azure, SharePoint Online, and Azure ML and device, make them a strong partner to help us further increase our effectiveness and efficiency.”

Director Business Process Transformation, Microsoft Azure

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