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Enterprises today generate a variety of data from multiple sources. They need agile, scalable solutions to house this data. The beauty of modern cloud data architecture is that it provides a multitude of enterprise-wide benefits to effectively transform, store, and securely manage critical data. With this, organizations can embark on a journey to reduce the loss of data, agilely adapt to business changes, scale on demand, and reduce the time required to integrate business solutions for maximum value.

We’re a team of cloud, analytics, and AI experts driven by a vision to enable businesses to transform your business with the cloud, harnessing the opportunities it offers. We provide end-to-end support to enable businesses to move their enterprise data from on-premises to the cloud, implement the optimal solution for cloud-based architecture, and move ahead in your digital transformation journey.

CloudMoyo Cloud Engineering Services: Integrate, migrate, build, and manage

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CloudMoyo helps the modern enterprise to unlock full visibility into your enterprise data and scale cloud solutions without disrupting the business or compromising data security. Together, we accelerate your time-to-value.


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Challenges of traditional infrastructure

Difficult to scale business
resources quickly

Data siloes and data loss

Costly and time-consuming

Lack of visibility and accessibility

Security and connectivity issues

Performance lags

Why move to cloud architecture?

Enterprises today generate data in a large variety, velocity, and volume across multiple sources. They need agile, scalable, and reliable solutions to house this data, working together across cloud and on-premises to deploy anywhere, faster than ever before. The modern cloud data architecture provides a multitude of enterprise-wide benefits to effectively transform, store, and securely manage critical data. With this in mind, you can migrate and integrate your data into the cloud where you unlock full visibility, all the while scaling without business disruptions or security.

Cloud solutions offer unmatched security and flexibility to work across platforms, and can be deployed with no down-time. Seamlessly integrating with advanced analytics, business intelligence, and AI technology, cloud-based architecture forms the foundation of your enterprise transformation journey.

Benefits of cloud engineering

Agilely adapt

Flexibly respond to sudden changes in the market or as demand increases
or decreases

Improve compliance

Secure environment to comply with industry standards and regulations

Quick deployment

Rapidly deploy new business applications or security updates

Reduce data loss

Store data in the cloud with full backup and recovery capabilities


Design cloud infrastructure with high scalability


Reduce expenditures and organizational costs


Auto-scale on-demand according to needs for business resources


Equip a remote workforce and allow authorized users to access data using an application anytime, anywhere

Explore the benefits of cloud transformation for your organization.                                                                                                 

CloudMoyo Cloud Engineering offerings

Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE)

App innovation

Power Platform Proof of Concept (PoC)

Why CloudMoyo?

We’re on a mission to help enterprises juggle the challenges of cloud data architecture, and embrace the value of using data to drive business outcomes.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we take a holistic approach to empower businesses to move to the cloud by assessing their existing business infrastructure and deploying solutions for moving the different functions to a cloud-based system. Our cloud services accelerate time-to-value.

What our customers are saying about CloudMoyo

“CloudMoyo is positioned at the intersection of business and technology, allowing them to quickly come up to speed with our complex processes and business requirements. This, combined with their agility, focus on quality, and deep understanding of Microsoft Azure, SharePoint Online, and Azure ML and device, make them a strong partner to help us further increase our effectiveness and efficiency.”

Director Business Process Transformation, Microsoft Azure

Customer success in action

Leading AEC company discovers powerful insights with a cloud data platform

At the core of business intelligence processes rest the potential to unlock powerful insights from your enterprise data. As companies face ever-growing volumes of complex datasets that have the potential to impeded business strategies and operations, advanced cloud data platforms become the best-fit solution to store, analyze, and draw meaningful insights from your data.

Our customer, a leading architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) company, partnered with CloudMoyo to solve for these very issues. We devised a modern data architecture utilizing Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Data Lake, and Power BI. Download a copy of the customer success story to find out how our customer moved away from slow, inefficient processes to accelerate time-to-delivery, reduce time-to-insights, and conduct time-efficient, compliant reporting.

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