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We help you transform your business with the cloud, harnessing the opportunities, it offers. CloudMoyo provides end-to-end cloud engineering services that help customers transform their infrastructure, platform, business processes, and applications. Our dedicated team of cloud consultants help you navigate you through the cloud journey, ultimately boosting agility, improving scalability and performance, and enhancing security and reliability. Our services help customers to upscale their enterprise landscape.

Cloud engineering – Benefits

Moving to the cloud helps modern enterprises to convert CapEx to OpEx and stay ahead of the competition by delivering multiple benefits:


Scale according to business needs and auto-scale with demand for business resources

Infrastructure management

Design cloud infrastructure with high scalability

Cost efficient

Reduce expenditures

Big data

Architect the big data ecosystem and implementation strategy

Development and migration

Develop a SaaS application with no extra cost or additional time


Remotely locate employees and allow authorized users to access data using the application anytime, anywhere

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Build agile systems with Microsoft Azure
With its cloud-focused capabilities, CloudMoyo helps clients address the requirements of cloud-based environments.


Cloud custom app development


Load and performance management






DevOps kit for Azure


Storage and service bus


Security - Azure Active Directory, Key Vault, and MSI


Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR)


CloudMoyo offers a comprehensive kit of workshops that includes:

"The problem of moving data from a source to a target is a tricky one, especially to the cloud. CloudMoyo has been able to move our data to Microsoft Azure without disrupting our business"

- CIO at a Fortune 500 Company

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