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Contract process optimization for a pharma company by CloudMoyo Working with CloudMoyo, A fortune 100 company is getting better visibility in their contracts Download the case study to find out how CloudMoyo implemented a contract analytics solution at a Fortune 100...

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Health insurance analytics using CloudMoyo's visualization services A healthcare provider saved thousands in penalties by putting its claims management in order with data visualization and dashboards   Download the case study to find out how CloudMoyo solved...

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Retail analytics using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning solutions A Retail store chain is predicting revenues and store locations using Azure Machine Learning and Power BI Download the case study to find out how a global retail chain, with the help of the Microsoft...

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CloudMoyo helps a leading tax company to respond better using PowerBI CloudMoyo helps architect data models and deploy Power BI to reduce latencyin monitoring regional sales performance across 10,000 retail locations A leading tax filing firm wanted to ensure quick...

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Modern cloud data platform for an engineering company Find out how CloudMoyo helped an Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) company to migrate to a modern data architecture using Azure SQL data warehouse. Key solution highlights: Scalable cloud architecture for...

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Power BI Embedded analytics for an auto dealer incentive program Find out how CloudMoyo delivered deeper insights using Power BI Embedded for an auto dealer's dealer incentive program. The results of this solution include the following:  Developed a secure, flexible,...

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Azure IoT hub for a large engineering company CloudMoyo helps an engineering company reinvent the way to track real-time sensor data using Azure IoT Hub Key highlights:   Analyze billions of events in seconds, conduct root-cause analysis, and compare multiple...

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Data migration to Azure Cloud for a large engineering company by Cloudmoyo CloudMoyo helps a large engineering company adopt a modern data approach leveraging the Microsoft Azure Data Platform The customer's on-premise premise data storage was expensive to own,...

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Contract management system (CMS) implementation for a biotech company A biotech company improves its contracting process with the help of CloudMoyo’s contract management system implementation services The customer wanted to leverage their investment for their contract...

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