CloudMoyo Ranks 5 in “100 Best Companies to Work For” Prestigious List

100 Best Companies 2020

Back in March 2019, CloudMoyo joined many other organizations across the world in facing a future of increasing uncertainty and change.

At that time, we doubled-down our focus on nurturing a culture that is rooted in our core values of FORTE: Fairness, Openness, Respect, Teamwork, and Execution. FORTE drives our interactions and commitment to each other, as well as to the success of all our relationships – with customers, partners, and investors.

During the recent pandemic, we proactively provided additional flexibility for employees to take care of the business first by taking of themselves, a mindset we formalized under 4 rings of responsibility:

  1. Take care of self
  2. Take care of family
  3. Take care of community
  4. Take care of business

No one responsibility is independent of the other; and with this, we recognized that taking care of self was the #1 most important responsibility, and that at this time more than ever, it was critical to provide our employees with the resources and support system to enable that.

With this at the forefront of our minds, we paved a path forward and are emerging and proud to rank #5 in the “100 Best Companies to Work For” in Washington State, a list compiled by the Seattle Business Magazine.

Making the list during unprecedented and challenging times like this is not easy. CloudMoyo is proud to be recognized in this list, a reflection of a deep and actionable commitment to creating a world-class workplace.

Workplace culture and COVID-19

In times of uncertainty and change, workplace culture is more important than ever to stay focused, feel supported, and remain aligned. Over the last 6 months, we have stayed focused on the same mission and values, constants in a sea of uncertainty that positioned us to agilely pivot and avoid disruptions. We doubled-down and focused on teamwork, knowing that this value is never delivered by a single individual, and made ourselves available for each other. The CloudMoyo team arranged to provide care packages, including masks and other accessories, to help employees take care of self. We also arranged for tools and infrastructure required to operate safely and efficiently from our homes.

“We created a series of daily virtual activities ranging from small exercises and stretches, to team yoga, coffee hours and more,” said CloudMoyo Co-Founder & CEO Manish Kedia. “We provided an allowance to each employee to help set up ergonomic home offices.”

Company communication

The word “communication” stems from the Latin word, communicare, which means “to share”. Sharing information, resources, updates, and wins has become even more prioritized here at CloudMoyo. Throughout the pandemic, we continued to engage in organizational dialogues through all-hands, live video conferences every month to communicate company-wide topics and initiatives. We have several weekly team connects for casual ‘water-cooler’ communications to engage and support employees.

Making perks a priority  

We early-on recognized that performance and innovation during these times would get a premium. Employees who displayed innovation in responding to the pandemic’s impacts on the business were recognized at all-hands meetings, and received awards. In addition to this, we continue to offer employees the entire week of July fourth off for summer break and a winter holiday week in December, and offer a dog-friendly environment for our employees.

Leadership committed to openness

Openness is the second value in FORTE, and one of the ways that we commit to openness in our workplace is through our leadership’s commitment to openness. We encourage employees to engage and ask questions to anyone, including the CEO, and get an open answer. With openness comes respect, enhanced communication, and better teamwork.

Driving personal and professional growth through training

Another realization that we had during all of the changes of the pandemic is that the best response was to embrace the learning gene. So, we pivoted and remained flexible, and grow on an individual level. We continue to encourage, plan, and expect employees to spend at least one workweek (or 40 hours) per year in training, in order to sharpen their skills.

Recruiting and retention

Recruiting has remained key as we remain committed to creating that world-class workplace. “Recruiting is a team sport.,” said Manish Kedia. “We all work on recruiting. When we hire new employees, including senior leaders, we assess cultural fit. This is one of the most important aspects in the hiring decision. We have a lead-by-example leadership whether it is the response to the pandemic or the new societal changes underway.”

Community and charity

It’s been humbling to see how the CloudMoyo family has stepped up to take care of community, one of the core facets of our 4 rings of responsibility framework. CloudMoyo employees were offered seven days of paid leave to lend their voice to the cause of addressing racism in our communities, by volunteering, supporting, giving, helping, or protesting. We continue to fight racism with FORTE.


Looking ahead, we are truly excited to continue to create a workplace culture that is open, collaborative, compassionate, and invested in the success of our employees as much as the success of the business.

CloudMoyo offers employees the ability to grow while the company is growing at the same time. It ties in our employees’ own and the company’s success in a way that motivates them to put their best foot forward and feel truly invested.

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