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If the conventional unsettles you and being the best motivates you, we have a workstation waiting for you. Check out our open positions and connect with us.

Why work with CloudMoyo?

We don’t just build sophisticated technology solutions, we build dreams. At CloudMoyo, we strongly believe that our expertise is founded on the efforts of our employees, who we fondly refer to as “Moyovators”.

We are MoyoSquad , a group of talented, hard-working, and fun-loving people. We are driven by our values – FORTE, which stands for Fairness, Openness, Respect, Teamwork, and Execution. Buoyed by an atmosphere of flat hierarchy, challenging assignments, opportunities to grow with the best in the field, and acknowledged with exciting rewards, we have an unshakable commitment to creating a world-class workplace for all employees. So, if you want to pursue your dreams with us, drop us a note or meet us over a cup of coffee!

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CloudMoyo – A great place to work


Life is one big celebration at CloudMoyo. Every project ends with a party.  Want to take out your team for a party or want to see the latest movie with your team? Yep, go ahead and the company will take care of you. 

Promotions, awards, events, go-lives, or a new addition to our family are great many excuses for celebrate together.

It’s all about fun, companionship, and meaningful interactions. Making buddies at work. Various sports contests, a day outing during monsoons, music and dance at our Annual Day. It all happens right here at CloudMoyo. 

A confirmation gift, a wedding gift, a loyalty gift, a gift kit for your new-born… You get the drift. Extra ordinary perks, benefits, and rewards are up for grabs for all at Cloudmoyo!

We understand that employees are humans and need to balance their family and personal commitments. To support this, we promote work-life balance via remote working, flexible working hours, sabbaticals, and sufficient paid leaves. This is our way to appreciate employees for battling hectic schedules and 24x7 action.

At CloudMoyo, we value motherhood and believe in a women-friendly workplace. We understand what a significant task it is to be the best of both worlds.

So welcome to a women-friendly environment with a safe transportation facility, 1-year maternity leave, subsidized day care, flexible hours, and additional support.

Life @ CloudMoyo