Snowflake on Azure implementation

Lay the foundation of advanced analytics and data science with modern data architecture

Big data has radically transformed the way business track performance, deploy resources, and consume usable insights. As the volumes of data increase across HR, finance, sales, and more—the need to put unstructured and semi-structured data to use become paramount. In addition, non-technical business users are asking for self-service business intelligence (BI) capabilities to drill into data without relying on IT teams. To tackle storage, sharing, and consumption issues present within legacy architecture, enterprises are making the shift to modern data architectures in the cloud.

Our Snowflake on Azure implementation solution marries the best of both worlds, running the Snowflake Data Warehouse on the Microsoft Azure platform. With this solution, you can utilize Microsoft-managed data centers to build, test, deploy, and manage services and applications, and choose from an array of cloud services to enable your workforce with the right tools and technologies. You benefit from a globally-distributed team of Microsoft and Snowflake experts who can advise the right strategy for your data migration and platform modernization. Snowflake Data Warehouse on Azure runs on the robust Azure cloud infrastructure, employing the full Azure stack to create a unified platform and equip your business to produce data-driven, productive teams.

    CloudMoyo enables data and infrastructure readiness for advanced analytics and artificial intelligence and machine applications at Terracon with Snowflake on Azure solution

    Business challenges

    Inflexible, complex data storage solutions cannot sustain future growth

    Legacy architecture is unable to handle large volumes or variety of datasets

    Static, traditional analytics and reporting tools limit access to insights

    Disbursed, decentralized datasets, stifle access and collaboration

    Missing a single version of truth for enterprise reporting and analysis

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    Data Modernization Solution features

    Smooth migration of data and reporting to the cloud for self-service, real time capabilities

    • Robust, secure modern data architecture with cutting-edge ETL, deep integrations, and custom connectors
    • Hierarchical distribution of data with a central data repository
    • High-end analytics in the cloud with Azure Analysis Services, for quick browsing through large datasets
    • Intuitive dashboard designs to track metrics and business activities
    • Powerful data visualizations with Power BI to capture trends and uncover relationships
    • Databricks to handle data science and real-time data transformation  

    Business benefits

    Unlock a single version of truth to improve business performance

    • Obtain a unified view of enterprise data and business performance
    • Higher scalability and concurrency at low cost and minimum maintenance
    • Improved data security and self-service analytics capabilities
    • Visualize insights, capture trends, and track projects with tabular models in Power BI
    • Scalable, sustainable solution to meet growing business needs
    • Accommodate new data sources for analytics


    Customer success story

    Leading AEC company discovers powerful insights with cloud data platform

    Industry Perspective

    Discover how cloud data architecture is transforming the manufacturing industry


    The case for leveraging Snowflake on Microsoft Azure

    “CloudMoyo is positioned at the intersection of business and technology, allowing them to quickly come up to speed with our complex processes and business requirements. This, combined with their agility, focus on quality, and deep understanding of Microsoft Azure, SharePoint Online, and Azure ML and device, make them a strong partner to help us further increase our effectiveness and efficiency.”

    – Director Business Process Transformation, Microsoft