Leading AEC Firm Boosts Analytics Capabilities with Power BI

It’s common for engineering companies to invest in applications or build a homegrown application for recording and collecting project data. However, this isn’t enough to make crucial business decisions.

Analyzing data from multiple projects can be a complicated task, especially when dealing with large volumes of data. It can be difficult to analyze this data and make informed decisions based on accurate insights. Even if you manage to collect data, it’s difficult to create holistic reports with the required KPIs that are required to give stakeholders a comprehensive view of project information.

Power BI is an effective solution for managing resources, unforeseen risks, liabilities, and deadlines by leveraging accurate data presented in multiple formats. With Power BI, insights can be obtained faster, leading to quicker and more appropriate actions than traditional methods.

However, how do you go from using your own application that just collects data to generating Power BI reports that represent every piece of information required by project leaders?

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