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Businesses and technology professionals are struggling with the exponentially increasing data that has outpaced their on-premise and cloud storage efforts. We understand the process of data mobilization is outright daunting and complicated.

This is where we help you leverage modern data architecture to realize flawless integration and scalability. Mobilize and collaborate your data with the fully-managed global cloud platform, Snowflake. By implementing Snowflake using Azure, we help companies transition from the hassle and expense of on-premises data management solutions to the flexibility and ease of a cloud data warehouse.

Achieve seamless loading, integration, and secure sharing and consumption of data with Snowflake cloud services, and unlock:

Better performance

Insightful real-time analytics

Higher scalability and concurrency

Improved data security

Enhanced flexibility

Future ready data platform

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Snowflake implementation using Azure with CloudMoyo

The Snowflake cloud data warehouse delivers significant performance benefits with an intuitive way for both users and administrators to interact with the system in cost-effective way. It enables you to empower your enterprise with cloud data warehousing, data engineering, and data science solutions—over a single, native platform.

With near-to-infinite and inexpensive storage, on-demand scaling, high concurrency, and the capability to draw SQL-enabled analytics, Snowflake cloud services are becoming the go-to solution for modern data warehousing cloud platforms. Its architecture boasts a multitude of capabilities that you can employ for boosted business performance, including:

  • Multi-cluster shared Snowflake cloud data architecture for a unified platform
  • Data architecture optimization with the Snowflake data warehouse
  • Visualization of faster results with the Snowflake implementation
  • Extracting and digesting insights and data
  • Enhanced data experience of users and consumers for improved return on investment
  • Multilevel security and regulation of access to data products with built-in data encryption and compression
  • Efficient and unlimited scale and integrations
  • Low network latency during cross-region replication and high concurrency support
  • Tiers suitable to your business needs like Standard/Enterprise/Business critical

Best practices and the right configuration choices

Assess your Snowflake implementation based on best practices and configuration.

  • Rapid onboarding of present or future business units/workloads with the appropriate infrastructure
  • Get your hands on a shortened time-to-value to extract maximum value out of your new Snowflake implementation
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing scheme and no surplus licensing or upfront costs
  • QC across environments to process rapid data promotion
  • Draw valuable insights and KPIs by leveraging the Snowflake data warehouse
  • Make informed business decisions, including cost management and security, with the appropriate configuration preferences based on your business requirements

Why Snowflake on Azure?

Big data has radically transformed the way businesses track their performance, deploy resources, and consume usable insights. As a result, organizations across the globe have an ever-increasing volume of data, both structured and unstructured, to derive actionable insights from.

However, the storage and distribution of this data pose a challenge for enterprises. To tackle the storage, sharing, and consumption of an awful lot of data, enterprises are making a switch to technologies on the cloud. This is where Snowflake data warehouse and Microsoft Azure cloud step in.

Microsoft Azure, an open cloud computing platform, offers a diverse range of use cases, including the use of the third-party OS, running virtual machines, and a platform to host databases in the cloud. You can utilize MS-managed data centers to build, test, deploy, and manage services and applications. Pick and choose from an array of cloud services to use your preferred tools and technologies.

Snowflake data warehouse on Azure runs on the robust Azure cloud infrastructure. The Snowflake Cloud Platform employs the following stacks of the Azure infrastructure:

  • Azure Blob Storage for storing data products to the Snowflake Azure architecture
  • Azure Data Factory to copy data from and to Snowflake
  • Clickstream data correlation with Azure Data Lake Store for easy integration to Snowflake data warehouse
  • Analytics visualization with Power BI
  • Azure storage and compute infrastructure services for query processing and data storage

Snowflake on Azure leverages the strength of the SaaS-built Snowflake Data Warehouse to manage the multiple data sets in a unified, single platform. With Snowflake on Azure, you can look forward to more efficiently data-driven and productive teams across your organization.

Why work with CloudMoyo?

With 10+ years of experience with Azure cloud, CloudMoyo brings you our ‘Snowflake data warehouse on Azure’ offering. We’re committed to helping businesses address the complexities of cloud data architecture, and embrace the potential of leveraging data to drive business outcomes. We’ve deployed over 200 projects across industries in more than four global locations, bringing a fast time-to-value with implementation with our Intelligent Data Services (IDS).

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we empower our customers to migrate their diverse operations to a cloud-based system. We help you assess your existing business infrastructure and seamlessly adopt cost-effective and efficient cloud solutions’ deployment. Our comprehensive cloud solutions are purpose-built to drive critical business values and to solve real-life business challenges.