Decision analytics

Make the right decisions and obtain faster insights with data analytics powered by Microsoft Azure
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Make intelligent decisions, accelerate innovation, analyze trends, and forecast outcomes through data analytics. With our descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytical capabilities, CloudMoyo helps businesses to convert data into quantifiable business outcomes. Powered by Microsoft Azure, CloudMoyo enables organizations to be data-ready and gain actionable insights by taking a data-driven approach.

What you can do with decision analytics

Data analytics, supported by interactive visualizations, can help you to tell a cohesive story from the insights uncovered from your data. Teams can spot trends and irregularities quickly, a key part of building an insight-driven organization. Microsoft and CloudMoyo can help you to make the most of your data assets, using them to make the right decisions and inform future actions.

Dive deeper

Complete statistical and quantitative analysis to diagnose results 

What-if scenarios

Test previous decisions and predict both positive and negative impact


Leverage predictive modeling and analytics to forecast risks and opportunities


Empower users to customize their own dashboards and reports

Real time

Real-time data analytics
for rapid decision-making processes

Find patterns

Conduct data mining, to find new patterns and relationships

Ready to automate and optimize your business processes with data analytics?


With our proven track record of success, we can help you to optimize your data assets, make intelligent business decisions, maximize your ROI, and map your data analytics plan to measurable business outcomes. Our offerings includes implementation and consulting for better decision analytics.


CloudMoyo offers a comprehensive kit of workshops that includes:

"CloudMoyo helped design and deploy the next generation analytics solution which has empowered our teams to respond faster to market opportunities, helping us improve our overall performance"

- Director, Business Intelligence at a Fortune 500 company

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