Data Modernization

Integrate data for velocity, efficiency, and scalability

Studies show that 80% of firms currently have a problem with operational and technology data silos. Data is redundant or inaccurate, and IT teams are struggling to streamline information-sharing across departments and personnel. With our Data Modernization solution, we help enterprises manage huge volumes and variety of structured and unstructured data, and accelerate time-to-insight.

We help you develop and execute a phased cloud migration strategy to optimize your applications for the cloud, as well as harness the power of data visualizations and self-service BI to make informed decisions and drive aggressive growth. You benefit from a long track record in data engineering and cloud technology, along with various engagement models to fast-track innovation. CloudMoyo is uniquely poised to help your company build resilience through data modernization and democratization, driving business outcomes and growth.

    Modern data architecture providing real-time data insights, time efficiencies, and compliant reporting for a large engineering company

    Business challenges

    Technology and data silos due to legacy systems

    Data duplication and inaccuracy

    Growing volumes and variety of data

    Slow adoption of technological advances

    Facing data redundancies and inaccuracies?

    Data Modernization Solution features

    On-site and remote support over a global delivery network to seamlessly move data to the cloud

    • Migrate to enterprise data warehouses or data lakes
    • Data warehouse workload migration
    • In-database advanced analytics services
    • On-prem and cloud big data warehousing solutions
    • Correction, standardization, and de-duping of data
    • Master data management for improved data quality
    • Integrated approach to data governance

    Business benefits

    Experience a seamless migration to a cloud data platform and harness the power of data visualization to make informed business decisions

    • Seamless migration of applications and storage operations into a cloud platform
    • Streamline the entire ETL process, including ingesting, reporting, and analysis
    • Eliminate data siloes and data inaccuracy with a single source of truth
    • Promote enterprise-wide data democratization and self-service BI
    • Align business objectives with agile, scalable, and analytics-embedded cloud data warehouse
    • Sustainable environment for next-generation data visualization, reporting, and analytics


    Customer success story

    Leading AEC company discovers powerful insights with cloud data platform

    Industry Perspective

    Discover how cloud data architecture is transforming the manufacturing industry


    Limitless scale and analytics readiness with a cloud data warehouse

    “CloudMoyo is positioned at the intersection of business and technology, allowing them to quickly come up to speed with our complex processes and business requirements. This, combined with their agility, focus on quality, and deep understanding of Microsoft Azure, SharePoint Online, and Azure ML and device, make them a strong partner to help us further increase our effectiveness and efficiency.”

    – Director Business Process Transformation, Microsoft