Why You Should Modernize Your Digital and Data Strategy

Aggressive digitalization has fueled business performance immensely – a huge part of that digitalization has been the movement of locally-stored data to cloud-based storage. With continuous challenges of data accessibility, searchability, loss, and even breach, data modernization for businesses is a necessity now more than ever. However popular, choosing the right data modernization partner is crucial to lay out a concrete roadmap of digital strategy.

What is Digital Strategy?

Digital Strategy can be defined as using digital technologies to create new, transformed business capabilities. How enterprises plan to apply their technology resources can help them scale brand focus, reach new clients, and optimize business their approach for better business performance. Considering the effectiveness of digital transformation, it would be safe to say that business strategy is gradually evolving into digital strategy. While businesses continue to form their digital strategy, the use of data is a crucial element because it determines the path for using new technology and devising new business models. This means that along with forming a digital strategy, organizations must also build a data strategy.

What is Data Strategy?

A data strategy is a highly dynamic process used to support the acquisition, organization, analysis, and delivery of data for business objectives. An effective data strategy empowers businesses to enhance the use of data that is generated in various forms and should solve challenges ranging from data security to business processes resulting from poor data quality.

Data Strategy Meets Digital Strategy

Every organization, independent of size, generates data. With data modernization in place, this data can be stored, processed, and analyzed easily. Any organization can use this data to enhance its capabilities like customer experience and internal processes only using technology, making data strategy a crucial part of digital strategy. Data modernization, therefore, opens doors for organizations to gain valuable insights to fulfill their digital strategy.

Modernize Your Data Strategy with CloudMoyo

CloudMoyo has more than a decade of experience supporting organizations through their digital transformation journey. Our experts have vast experience across technologies, including creating solutions to modernize data strategies. We work alongside clients to identify business goals, tailoring a data strategy best suited to their needs.

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Data Modernization in the Real World

Recently, CloudMoyo helped a large consulting engineering firm create a cloud-based data warehouse and management system to optimize processes and drive better margins. The client was struggling with non-standardized data spread out in siloes and a slow, labor-intensive process. They needed more agility and usability to accommodate the higher scale and more diverse types of financial data. CloudMoyo designed and built a finance data cloud warehouse using Azure SWL Data Warehouse, with best practices in data migration and security, paving the way for a holistic view of business, in-depth data insights, and cost analysis for better business insights.

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