Setting Up for Success: Governing Self-Service BI

By Manish Kedia, Co-Founder & CEO, CloudMoyo

Note: This article was originally published in TDWI, your source for in-depth research and education around all things data, on October 2, 2020. To read the full article, click here.

The immense growth of data, a pressing need for data-driven decision making, and the increased availability of business intelligence (BI) tools led to organizations looking for a solution that gives more power to their business units. Self-service BI had the answers for data discovery, quick access, and uncomplicated analytics enlightenment. There’s no arguing that self-service BI has come a long way from being a trend that only a handful of organizations leveraged to a norm now thanks to its sustained enterprise-wide benefits. Self-service BI rose in part to provide greater agility to lines of business. IT can take longer to give you the data or develop the insights you need to capitalize on business opportunities.

However, without a balanced governance strategy, the incredible benefits of self-service BI can also lead to data chaos and risking the security of critical enterprise information.

To successfully adopt a self-service BI and analytics program, enterprises need a mature governance strategy that is effective, all-encompassing, and realistic. Such a strategy is instrumental in maintaining the integrity, validity, and security of data. It primarily focuses on sharing the responsibility among the users through a tiered, hands-on training approach and user education.

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