Is Big Data as a Service the hottest trend in cloud right now?

Once in a while, a technology comes along that is so disruptive and so unique that it often takes a few years before applications to make the most effective use of that technology are sufficiently developed. So it is with the advent of cloud computing and its application as a service to analyze big data.

Big data as a service (BDaaS) is an evolution of software as a service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS), with the added ingredient of massive amounts of data. Essentially, the BDaaS offering is a solution for companies to solve problems that they are facing by analyzing and interpreting their data. Organizations around the world have warmed to the idea that their next phase of growth will be driven by understanding the insights that are gleaned from the data which is produced by their interactions.

Why is big data so hard for companies to unpack without help from external service providers? Paul Hoffman, CTO of Space-Time Insight explains, “Organizations are collecting and storing data that is generated within their walls (e.g. business and operational data) as well as externally (e.g. currency conversion rates, spot market pricing, weather, traffic, social media activity, etc.). What makes the big data problem so complex is that all this data is siloed. Even when it’s combined into one big data system, the applications that access the data are themselves still siloed.”

Independent analytics organizations can help companies break out of the silos and deliver 360-degree insights into what the data is saying. By efficiently analyzing data, a complete picture of a customer or a process emerges, and it points the ways to a better, more efficient work process.

The amount of data being produced in today’s business environment is staggering, and is only set to grow as the cloud becomes more and more central to the way we work. A study from April 2015 found that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced Every Single Day, and that 90% of the world’s data had been created in the last two years alone. Take a look at this jaw-dropping infographic. Needless to say, processes that can sift through, organize and learn from data are very valuable to organizations all over the world.

CloudMoyo is an organization dedicated to helping enterprises make strategic choices and maximize their business outcomes through the strategic interpretation and analysis of big data. One industry which has benefited from CloudMoyo’s intervention in transportation, where the analysis of fleets can make a profound difference. Fleet analytics is the real-time analysis of driver and vehicle data collected by an on board computer and fleet management software. Fleets have enormous amounts of trip data available from their trucking management and maintenance systems, plus information from any mobile communication systems they use, such as GPS, speed and engine data. Add to that data from any on-board sensors such as cargo temperature monitors, tire pressure monitors, safety devices, etc., and there is plenty of data. By analyzing everything from wait times, speeds, accidents and routes and feeding the data into a cloud-native platform, organizations are able to optimize their CapEx and OpEx requirements through their partnerships with CloudMoyo.

Cloud-based Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) frees up time and resources for companies, and allows them to focus on what it is they do best. Without the ability to outsource their data, clients spend too much time and put too much pressure to get the data they need, they often spend money on systems like Hadoop or Apache Spark, without fully understanding how to make use of these sophisticated system.

Simply put, BDaaS allows you to ask pointed queries and get answers, to scale up and down as appropriate, save money and time in order to focus on what’s important, and all of these factors are combining to make Big Data as a Service the hottest trend in technology now and for years to come.

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