Investing in Self, Family, Community, and Business

By Manish Kedia, CloudMoyo Co-Founder & CEO

Six months ago, the world was thrown a massive curveball, as an unimaginable global pandemic took over our lives. As we cross this threshold, we’ve also learned and grown into this not-so-new “normal.”

Along with us, our partners, families, customers, and communities have adjusted to new ways of working and living. Families asked how they could maintain stability in uncertainty as schools closed and homes became offices, classrooms, and safe havens more so than ever before. Businesses asked how they could best equip their employees with resources, and support in a remote environment while recalibrating to meet their customer’s needs and determining how they should tackle these new challenges.

We’re all still figuring it out, but what’s been exceptionally encouraging to me is how as individuals, as teams, and as a business, we have embraced this new normal in creative and resourceful ways driven by our 4 rings of responsibility:

  1. Take care of yourself
  2. Take care of family
  3. Take care of community
  4. Take care of business

The CloudMoyo family’s commitment to these principles is truly heartwarming and impressive and I believe our recent recognition as #5 on “100 Best Companies to Work For” in Washington State by Seattle Business Magazine is a testament to this commitment and our core values. Companies recognized in this list are nominated by the employees themselves, and I am honored to have a community of talented, passionate, and value-driven individuals at CloudMoyo. You all make it a great place to work!


Vision, Values, and Mission

No matter what the world looks like, we continue to stay focused on the same mission and vision, built on the same core values that make up the DNA of CloudMoyo: Fairness, Openness, Respect, Teamwork, and Execution (FORTE).

In the day-to-day, this looks like:

Fairness: We will be fair to all our stakeholders, including employees, customers, partners, stockholders, and in every relationship.

Openness: Be open to a fault and give no-spin answers. When uncertainty is high, we prioritized building additional transparency to communicate between teams, customers, and partners.

Respect: We respect each individual’s diverse opinions and ideas. Particularly now, they are invaluable in a time which calls from critical thinking and innovation.

Teamwork: Value is created as a product of people coming together. We’ve focused more than ever on teamwork because we believe our success is the result of collaboration and the combined efforts of many.

Execution: We continue to focus, follow-through, and follow-up. It has been amazing to see how we’ve found new and creative methods to execute efficiently and deliver on this motto.

Taking care of self

It has been humbling to see how the team has risen up to take care of self, including mental, emotional, and physical health. To prioritize this for our employees, we arranged for care packages to be sent to employees, including masks, sweet treats, and some other accessories to help employees take care of self. We also arranged for the tools and infrastructure required to operate safely and efficiently from their homes. We encourage them to carve out time to be active (even if that means joining a work call while on a walk!), and launched a virtual race to engage and strengthen our bodies through activity.

Taking care of family

Making ourselves available for family is imperative in a very critical moment in our lives. One way I’ve been able to ensure that I can prioritize this in my own family is by setting up family dinners every night with my wife and daughter. I block my calendar for that time so we can gather and spend that valuable, face-to-face time together that is so critical. We support our employees in carving out a schedule that allow them to take care of family. And with the increase in video calls which have become a hallmark of life during COVID, we’ve enjoyed getting to virtually meet partners, spouses, children, and pets that play an important role in the life of our employees.

Taking care of community

The way we have stepped up for our communities, specifically over the last 6 months, has been heartwarming and humbling at the same time. In June, we joined people all over the nation in dialogues and efforts to address the systemic impacts of racism in our communities. The time to listen, to educate, and to act was long overdue. We strongly believe that we take better care of our communities when we fight racism, and executed on that by matching employee donations to organizations that fight racism, and providing employees with a work week of paid time off to volunteer, help, give, and protest.

Taking care of business

The only way we were going to take care of the business was to first take care of self, family, and community. Once we were doing that, we could focus on making ourselves more available than ever for our customers in order to help them avoid the business disruptions that COVID-19 brought. We have accelerated our deployments to make sure that we provide nothing short of excellence and quality. Finally, we have focused on bringing agile delivery to a whole new level, providing customers with a fast-track-to-value approach that maximizes technology investment in a low-risk fashion.

We have a renewed passion to continue to invest in growth and innovation, applying cloud, AI, and ML technologies at scale, and recognize innovative performance at an individual, team, and community level. To further our internal investment in innovation, we are welcoming Vinod to the CloudMoyo leadership team as Vice President of Innovation! Vinod will be critical in spurring further innovation and driving transformational value for our customers.

 Looking ahead

We continue to invest in the long-term with positive intent. We are investing in automation, in innovation, in growth, and in providing excellence. We are following-up and following-through not just with business, but with our communities, our families, and ourselves. I am proud to be a part of the CloudMoyo family and best-seller because of the people who are writing its chapters.

I share this last thought that resonates with me, our FORTE values, and resilience that MoyoFam has demonstrated. As Oscar Wilde once said, “When it rains, look for rainbows. When it’s dark, look for stars.” And Godspeed ahead!

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