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Design, develop, and deploy big data solutions using Microsoft Azure
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CloudMoyo can help assess your company’s big data needs and analyze your multi-structured data to design a high-performant data platform for your organization. We provide end-to-end big data services by using data engineering and data science, enabling businesses to make all their existing data reliable and consumable to drive maximum revenue. With the right team and frameworks, CloudMoyo empowers businesses to filter valuable data sources in order to drive their data strategy.

Azure Data Lake

Azure IoT Hub

Azure HDInsight

Azure Databricks


We help businesses focus on key business areas and operations through our big data services.

Big data consulting

A comprehensive team of big data experts support the adoption of an advanced approach to business data

Big data consolidation

Consolidation and segmentation of all structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data coming from disparate sources and channels

Big data augmentation

Adding information to the base data, derived from internal and external sources within the organization

Fully managed, serverless insights

Focus on decision-making with clear visibility of the operational performances

Big data batch processing

Large sets of information are collected, entered, and processed, and batch results are generated

Big data engineering

Process of implementing a data lake and developing data pipelines to streamline analytical activities

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CloudMoyo offers a comprehensive kit of big data services that includes:

Data modernization assessment

Snowflake data architecture implementation strategy

Data architecture roadmap executive workshops

Big data consulting workshop

Success Story

Engineering company unlocks innovation with Azure big data

CloudMoyo delivered a proof of concept of a big data platform for storing and managing time-series data for a large engineering company. This laid the foundation for the company to:


  • Analyze billions of events in seconds, conduct root-cause analysis, and compare multiple assets
  • Gain deeper insight into sensor data by spotting key trends
  • Work quickly, with no upfront data preparation

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"CloudMoyo helped design and deploy the next generation analytics solution which has empowered our teams to respond faster to market opportunities, helping us improve our overall performance"

- Director, Business Intelligence at a Fortune 500 company