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Harness the power of streaming analytics using Microsoft Azure
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At CloudMoyo, we apply advanced analytics to convert your historical and big data into actionable insights. We help enterprises with our comprehensive services in resolving all data-related complexities. We use BI, data visualization and dashboards, data governance strategy, data modelling, data migration, predictive analytics, IoT analytics, and streaming analytics to help enterprises compete and stay ahead. CloudMoyo enables enterprises to make better decisions by analyzing massive amounts of data, generating insights in real time through streaming analytics.

Azure Stream Analytics

Azure Analysis Services

Azure Event Hub

Azure IoT Hub

Azure HDInsight


We help you build analytical capabilities you need, not just to mine data, but to improve customer engagement, increase revenue, and lower costs.

Streaming analytics

Set up a real-time analytics computation on data streaming from disparate sources

Predictive analytics

Forecast outcomes and prescribe actions with Azure Machine Learning

Real-time analytics

Leverage Azure Stream Analytics for processing real-time data streams

IoT analytics

Receive telemetry from billions of devices with Azure Event Hub

Smart applications

Enable contextual interactions with smart API capabilities using Azure Cognitive services

Want to make your data meaningful and consumable?                                                   


CloudMoyo offers a comprehensive kit of advanced analytics services that includes:


BI maturity assessment

Proof of concepts

Executive workshops

Strategy and roadmap

Success Story

American railroad takes a step towards Positive Train Control (PTC) compliance with real-time analytics

CloudMoyo architected a streaming analytics solution to help a Class I railroad to identify the readiness of their locomotives for PTC. Using Microsoft Azure, this advanced analytics solution captures and monitors real-time data from various sensors and devices. The solution compliments this data with data interaction capabilities such as real-time dashboards, alerts, notifications, and drill-down ability. Find out how Cloudmoyo enabled the rail operator to take a step towards increased safety with a complete data solution. The results of this solution are:

  • Reduced locomotive failure and delays
  • Efficient use of railcars and locomotives, and improved safety

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"CloudMoyo helped design and deploy the next generation analytics solution which has empowered our teams to respond faster to market opportunities, helping us improve our overall performance"

- Director, Business Intelligence at a Fortune 500 company

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