Unleash the Power of Snowflake on Azure


Snowflake is a data warehouse that has seamless integrations with the Azure Data Factory – a cloud-based integration service that provides a unified platform for connecting data sources, processing data, and monitoring data pipelines.



The integration between Snowflake and Azure allows organizations to take advantage of the cloud, connect disparate data sources, and make sense of that data to make better business decisions!

Watch our on-demand webinar, originally broadcast on April 25th at 9:30 AM PDT to learn more about Snowflake on Azure, and how your organization can reap the benefits of these powerful platforms!

A strong enterprise architecture is necessary to migrate to the cloud, build cloud-based applications, and connect disparate data sources to the latest technologies (like Azure). Without a strong business architecture, how can organizations stay competitive and build advanced analytics & applications to make the best business decisions? 

Watch our On-Demand webinar, originally broadcast on April 25th, 2023 at 9:30 AM PDT to find out more!


What you’ll learn:

  • Benefits of Snowflake Data Warehouse
  • Why choose Snowflake Data Warehouse with Azure technologies?
  • How combining two industry-leading technologies uncovers advanced analytics capabilities at your organization
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