Transforming Your Contracts and Enterprise Data Into Strategic Business Assets

How can Icertis customers drive more value out of the Icertis Contract Intelligence platform (ICI)?

  • 360° business view with a single source of truth
  • Identify the number of penalties or the impacts of penalties on projects
  • Assess project risks
  • Identify patterns and anomalies
  • Break data silos of enterprise sources
  • Quick and timely reporting resulting in compliance
  • Mitigate labor-intensive and manual processes for any ad-hoc reports which include multiple enterprise sources

Find out how CloudMoyo will help you with its custom-built solution offerings to leverage a 360-degree view of their business with integrated insights from ICI ODS and other critical enterprise data sources.

In this webinar, learn how our customers are leveraging ICI ODS, and enterprise systems like CRM, ERP, and project management for near real-time updates and to stay on-top of their contracts and projects.


A few other takeaways you’ll obtain from this engaging webinar:

  • Extracting intelligent business insights across departments, including legal, IT, finance, sales, corporate, procurement, operations, sales, and project management
  • 360° view dashboards with the integration of ICI ODS and other enterprise data sources such as ERP, procurement, SCM, CRM, and HRM
  • Demo with an interactive dashboard
  • How to quickly transform your contract and enterprise data into strategic business assets with a CloudMoyo FastTracktoValue™ approach
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