Snowflake Data Warehouse Implementation on Azure

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how CloudMoyo implemented Snowflake data warehouse on Microsoft Azure in order to solve for a customer’s challenges:

  • Limited insights due to legacy data architecture
  • Information latency
  • Limited analytical capabilities because of disparate, on-premises data storage
  • Lack of actionable, statistical reports
  • Low-performance reporting

CloudMoyo partnered with the customer to adopt Azure cloud-based, future-proof data architecture using Snowflake. With on-premises data being integrated within a single cloud-based data lake, the company has easy access to Power BI reporting across the business, scalable and viable modern data architecture following ETL methodology, intuitive and dynamic dashboards with self-service BI capabilities, and access to historical data for causal analysis and predictive recommendations.

Key takeaways you’ll obtain in this webinar:

  • Customer success story- Snowflake implementation on Azure
  • How we integrated Snowflake in business intelligence (BI) solution
  • Key differentiators of the Snowflake data warehouse solution
  • Solution performance metrics used

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