Low-Code/No-Code Application Development Technologies: The Future of Enterprise Resilience

Companies globally are experiencing global shortages of software developers and data scientists, leaving them struggling to find solutions to reduce demands on IT resources. At the same time, the pace of demand and market changes are pushing for increased building of customized, user-friendly web and mobile applications delivered in an accelerated timeframe across all areas of the business.

It’s time that you rethink digital transformation to build resilience.

Low-code and no-code technology helps bridge this IT gap and meet demand by automating processes and simplifying application development. This saves time and costs for the business, frees up IT resources to develop more sophisticated applications, and empowers non-technical professionals and citizen developers to create unique applications.

Join us to discover how to select and implement the most appropriate low-code/no-code solution, as well as gain maximum value from your low-code investment during the pandemic and in the years to come.

Who should attend this webinar?

  • Senior leadership and business management
  • IT executives and practitioners
  • Sales and marketing heads
  • CFOs and finance executives
  • HR and talent acquisition professionals

Topics to be covered in the webinar:

  • How low-code/no-code technologies will enable enterprise resilience going forward for your business
  • Opportunities for a continued shift to no-code development
  • Key benefits of low-code and no-code technology across IT, finance, sales and marketing, and HR
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