Innovate with Low Code/No Code Apps at Litespeed


You can learn how CloudMoyo can help businesses innovate with low code/no code applications at Litespeed with the Microsoft Power Platform. With the need to transform quickly to meet business expectations, remain relevant, and adjust to change in working conditions, and market demands, it is a challenge for businesses to navigate uncertainties, deliver quick turnaround on goals, save costs, and enhance collaboration and improve productivity. 

Using the full spectrum of the Microsoft Power Platform (Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents), CloudMoyo can help customers complete their projects depending on their different needs, either in a self-service manner, side by side, or offer end to end support. We emphasize the democratization of data and can empower customers’ competitive advantage by infusing AI into business operations to help discover key insights. 

Case Study offered in this webinar: 

Know how whelped a customer overcome obstacles such as a manual ERP system and inaccessible data. With our proprietary technology, CM-Lync, we successfully performed invoice mapping for procurement and commercial functions at this leading enterprise. You’ll be able to learn more about the specific value delivered in the full webinar.

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