Data Warehouse Modernization: How to Transform the Enterprise for a Digital Future?

Across industries, data challenges are besetting enterprises even as they face an increasingly digitalized future. From data latency to difficulties handling large volumes and data, along with integration and cost challenges, traditional data management systems have been proved to lack the flexibility and agility required or the demand for real-time or near-real-time data.

In this webinar, CloudMoyo Co-Founder & CEO Manish Kedia and Sanket Saraph, Head of Analytics at CloudMoyo sit down to discuss how enterprises are solving for these challenges with the modern data warehouse, embarking on a roadmap to a digital future. They make the case for how the modern data warehouse is the best-fit solution to provide a one-enterprise view of your data, gather and store massive data sets, avoid data siloes with seamless data integration, and increase efficiency and access to near real-time data.

Topics to be covered in the webinar

  • Identity the challenges of traditional data management systems, impacting data analysis, flexibility, and report generation
  • How and why enterprises are moving towards adopting modern data warehouses
  • Give you a picture of the changing data landscape in different industries
  • How CloudMoyo has helped our customers modernize their data platform
  • How to achieve your organization’s self-service BI vision with Microsoft Azure, handling business user requirements


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