[Podcast] Navigating from Data to AI with Snowflake

In this exclusive podcast, Sanket Saraph, Director of Analytics and Data Science at CloudMoyo delves into the dynamic trio of Snowflake services reshaping the data landscape for companies that want to move from just managing their data to infusing AI.

Join Sanket Saraph in a conversation about:

Snowflake Data Cloud for Data Mesh: Dive deep into the revolutionary Snowflake Data Cloud to understand how it complements data mesh – the new data architectural approach. Explore how it reduces the time and effort it takes with the traditional approach of storing data at a central approach.

Snowpark Container Services: Witness the groundbreaking Snowpark Container Services in action. Understand how this service empowers you to securely deploy and run third-party models, eliminating the complexities of managing computing resources.

Enterprise Data Warehouse for AI/ML: Discover a compelling use case where CloudMoyo, with the help of Snowflake Data Warehouse, engineered an AI model for a leading AEC firm in North America. Uncover the tangible business impacts that stemmed from this implementation and envision how your organization could similarly benefit. Witness the seamless fusion of CloudMoyo’s expertise with Snowflake’s Data Warehouse capabilities, resulting in a revolutionary AI solution.

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