[Podcast] Navigating from Data to AI with Snowflake

In this exclusive podcast, Sanket Saraph, Director of Analytics and Data Science at CloudMoyo delves into the dynamic trio of Snowflake services reshaping the data landscape for companies that want to move from just managing their data to infusing AI.

Join Sanket Saraph in a conversation about:

Snowflake Data Cloud for Data Mesh: Dive deep into the revolutionary Snowflake Data Cloud to understand how it complements data mesh – the new data architectural approach. Explore how it reduces the time and effort it takes with the traditional approach of storing data at a central approach.

Snowpark Container Services: Witness the groundbreaking Snowpark Container Services in action. Understand how this service empowers you to securely deploy and run third-party models, eliminating the complexities of managing computing resources.

Enterprise Data Warehouse for AI/ML: Discover a compelling use case where CloudMoyo, with the help of Snowflake Data Warehouse, engineered an AI model for a leading AEC firm in North America. Uncover the tangible business impacts that stemmed from this implementation and envision how your organization could similarly benefit. Witness the seamless fusion of CloudMoyo’s expertise with Snowflake’s Data Warehouse capabilities, resulting in a revolutionary AI solution.

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[Podcast] Azure-Based Generative AI

Join us for a discussion with Abdul Husain, one of CloudMoyo’s Innovation Advocates, all about generative AI with a focus on Microsoft Azure!

Azure OpenAI is a fully managed service that allows developers to easily integrate OpenAI models into their applications. With Microsoft Azure, the Large Language Models (LLMs) used in the generative AI component of OpenAI allow developers to quickly and easily access a wide range of AI models.

In this podcast, we’ll answer these questions:

  • Can generative AI be used across all industries?
  • Are there any concerns related to data security while using generative AI?
  • How does Azure OpenAI help with data security?
  • How can CloudMoyo help implement Azure OpenAI for your business?

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CloudMoyo Automates On-the-Job Training for Healthcare Company with Low Code/No Code

Challenges that stumble this healthcare company include-  a lack of flexibility, collaboration, and efficiency in sharing data across departments. The medical sales reps needed proper training to confidently communicate with doctors over queries, as well as get the required information just in time for treatments. With the technological disruption propelled by the pandemic and a limited variety of formats for training content, the productivity of the company greatly suffered.  

Sounds like something you can relate with?  

Find out how a mobile application is built with low-code/no-code technologies. Check out how it has become a key solution to providing digital training content that is rapidly accessible, enabling medical sales representatives to efficiently go through training sessions in a variety of formats. With a mobile app solution, content, and data can be shared with much more flexibility and autonomy, anytime and anywhere. It also encourages cross-learning and collaborations among co-workers. You can end your struggles with a low-code/no-code app development solution in the same way.  

While this may be a fictional scenario, the struggles this company faced such as the limited content delivery format, data sharing inefficiencies, and heavy IT dependency with a lack of collaboration between departments may resonate with you.  

If you’re debating or have an interest to set up a mobility solution for your business and reap the same benefits, CloudMoyo is ready to support your company to automate time-consuming business processes and workflows.  


Unified Crew and Safety Management

Managing complex crew and safety requirements is always a tricky process to navigate. For Contoso Railroad, some of the pain points they were facing include expired licenses, failed drug and alcohol tests in their crew members, and inadequate training, leading to service disruptions and penalties.  

The solution is CloudMoyo Unified Crew and Safety Management, which is built on a single cloud based platform, and is a suite of four digital systems to optimize safe crew operations:  

  • On-the-job training management system 
  • Qualification tracking system
  • Operational testing system 
  • Crew management system 

Interested in how you can leverage cloud and analytics to optimize processes and end your crew management struggles?

Visit rail.cloudmoyo.com to learn more about how you can also increase compliance and operation efficiency.


Innovate with Apps and Data at Litespeed: A CIO Panel Discussion at the 2021 Kansas City IT Symposium

What role do IT leaders play in the adoption of low-code and no-code technology, from establishing readiness of data, to ensuring successful adoption, solving of business problems, and scalability of low-code apps?

CloudMoyo Co-Founder & CEO Manish Kedia addressed this question with Jason Kephart (CIO, Terracon), Rich Miller (VP Information Technology, Burns & McDonnell), and Josh Edwards (Global Director of Data Science & Operations, Black & Veatch), in a CIO panel session held at the 2021 Kansas City IT Symposium, the largest IT event in the region.

They discussed how companies like Burns & McDonnel, Terracon, and Black & Veatch are approaching low-code app development adoption, the role that IT is playing in facilitating data democratization and low-code apps with business users or citizen developers, and best practices they are putting in place to scale low-code adoption.

Watch the full discussion to learn more about how to approach low-code and no-code adoption in your organization.

Experience limitless scale and analytics-readiness with cloud data warehouse

CloudMoyo data warehouse modernization

They were generating an avalanche of data, capacity planning was a pain, and the absence of the right infrastructure led to data warehouse security, scalability, and flexibility challenges…

The struggles of COHO Logistics with a legacy data system may resonate with you. Check out how CloudMoyo empowered COHO Logistics with end-to-end support and expertise in implementing a cloud-based data warehouse solution to:

  • Manage a variety of data with a single source of truth
  • Achieve analytics-ready enterprise data for AI and ML
  • Leverage a strategic design for cloud data warehouse and ETL architecture
  • Auto-scale resources depending on the company’s requirement
  • Implement a data-driven culture within the organization

End your data struggles with a modern cloud data warehouse!