CloudMoyo Transportation Contract Management (CTCM)

Accelerate and optimize commercial relationships to gain a competitive edge for your transportation business

The transportation and logistics industry is witnessing a tremendous transformation due to adoption of globalization, e-commerce, increasing complexities in supply chain management, rising customer expectations, and associated compliances.

Effective management of contracts with suppliers, customers, labor unions, and regulatory bodies underpin the commercial success of transportation companies while accommodating with market changes.

“We can now use contractual data to proactively identify business risks, giving us the ability and agility to respond rapidly to market conditions and regulatory changes”

North American Class I railroad

Business challenges

Ever-changing FTA, DoT, FRA, maritime, and ocean regulator programs and changing emission standards render existing contracts non-compliant

An inability to enforce clauses related to volatile fuel prices and shipment volumes because of a lack of integration between contracts and enterprise systems leads to revenue loss

Lapses in tracking expiries, warranties, and payment schedules

Lengthy supplier and partner onboarding process


Complex supply chains make the purchasing and maintaining of equipment like vessels, containers, locomotives, and trucks complicated, with purchase terms having to be captured across thousands of contracts

Limited intelligence into vendor and partner performance (rates, adherence) to gain a competitive edge over competitors

Legacy contracts dating back decades can be impossible to locate in the case of a legal dispute

Experience CTCM in action

CTCM features

Digital repository

Central contract repository in the cloud with OCR-based swift migration capabilities

Deep search

AI-assisted search capabilities for easy retrieval of contracts, ensuring that no contract goes unfound

Deep integrations

Allows for the push and pull of data from and to leading ERP, CRM, POS, and digital signature systems to automate enforcements tied to market conditions

Intelligent, self-service contract authoring

Smart, pre-approved clause libraries and ready-to-use contract templates tailor-made for transportation companies

Rich sourcing functionality

Manage the entire source-to-contract process, get the best price and terms during negotiations, and manage guarantees and warranties

Exception management

Track warranties, renewals, and payment schedules with alerts and notifications

Advanced contract analytics

Negotiate better rates, manage obligations and expiries, and asses contractual risks with AI-infused contract intelligence

On-demand webinar
Opportunities for digitalization in railroad contract management

CTCM business benefits

Accelerate commerce

  • Accelerate contract execution time by 40%
  • Accelerate quote-to-cash

Protect against risk

  • Comply with labor laws, FRA, FTA, DoT, emission standards, and ocean regulator programs
  • Protection from price surges and revenue leakage
  • Actively track renewals, expiries, warranties, and contract breaches

Gain a competitive advantage

  • Quickly onboard suppliers and partners, and establish a transparent business relationship
  • Ensure 100% enforcement of contractual obligations
  • Get the best rates and contract terms across real estate, equipment, services, brokerage, and customer orders

CloudMoyo apps for effectively managing transportation processes

Sourcing app

Streamline and accelerate the source-to-contract process to ensure full compliance, minimize risk and provide a more holistic view of supplier relationships—including sourcing events like bids, assessments, awards, and payments

Promotions, rebates, and royalty app

Design, optimize, and flawlessly execute promotion programs across thousands of partners and customers, from initial contracting to settlements

Supplier relationships

Simplify supplier onboarding, centrally-manage price masters, track supplier performance with scorecards, and encourage supplier collaboration through the collaboration portal

“CloudMoyo is positioned at the intersection of business and technology, allowing them to quickly come up to speed with our complex processes and business requirements. This, combined with their agility, focus on quality, and deep understanding of Microsoft Azure, SharePoint Online, and Azure ML and device, make them a strong partner to help us further increase our effectiveness and efficiency.”

– Director Business Process Transformation, Microsoft