Solution Brief

Data warehouse modernization

With ever-growing data, organizations can gain valuable insights from analytics. However, traditional data management is often costly and slow to scale. In the traditional model, capacity planning requires anticipating growth and incurring a capital expense of securing the hardware to address peak demand. This lack of elasticity and flexibility to respond to demand makes it difficult to ingest, process, and analyze data quickly enough to gain time-sensitive insights. Legacy data warehouse solutions often lack the flexibility and speed to run analytics on new data types at the velocity needed in modern IT.

One of the other things that the traditional data warehousing system lacks is the data security and disaster recovery infrastructure to manage access control, ensure data integrity, and availability. As a result, to cost-effectively enhance the data scalability, maintain security, and ensure readiness to leverage modern analytics technologies (such as big data analytics, AI/Ml, and advanced analytics), businesses must first modernize legacy on-premise data warehouse by migrating it to the cloud.

CloudMoyo provides fully managed data warehouse services for modernizing or upgrading the on-premise and aging enterprise data warehouse. We help in modernizing and transforming your data management system by easily identifying, analyzing, and offloading your enterprise data to Azure SQL Data Warehouse. CloudMoyo data warehouse modernization services align IT to your business objectives with agile, scalable, and analytics-enabled cloud data warehouse solutions. We offer a complete set of services for implementation and management of the data warehouse, such as modernization strategy consulting (which includes business assessment, planning and strategy), data prep, data ingest, data lake storage for cloud migration, and analytics.

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