Snowflake, meet Azure

It might be spring, but you can harness the power of Snowflake on Azure all year. A powerful combo, these platforms combine to bring you the best of your data. Book a consultation with our data warehouse experts to get started! 

Integrate with various tools including the entire Microsoft ecosystem like Azure Blob Storage 

A blueprint for data and the way it flows through data storage systems.

Save long-term on secure cloud solutions with on-demand pricing for data storage.

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Why Work with CloudMoyo?

CloudMoyo is a global digital engineering firm at the intersection of cloud and AI. Our transformative solutions utilize the power of the cloud, digital transformation through the use of AI, and end-to-end contract intelligence solutions. Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, we have a nationwide presence with an innovation center in Pune, India.

  • Microsoft Certified Gold Partner for analytics & AI 
  • 10+ years of digital transformation experience 
  • Flexible engagement models 
  • Certified analytics experts and expertise 
  • Cross-industry domain experience with Fortune 500 companies 
  • Executive commitment to customer success 
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CloudMoyo works with numerous partners to deliver innovative solutions to future-proof your business. As a leading Icertis partner, we utilize our domain expertise in implementing Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) solutions. We pride ourselves in providing consulting services, implementation, ongoing transformation, operations, and support services. A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, CloudMoyo utilizes our Azure cloud and data democratization expertise to help transform complex data landscapes and deliver actionable insights. Our native app expertise facilitates end-to-end transformation of the customer experience to drive new revenue. The CloudMoyo Application Framework & Analytics Frameworks (CAF) empower our customers by democratizing their data and utilizing accelerators to expedite project development. Through Low Code, No Code, we also empower everyday business users to build their own productivity applications. 

Our values are our “FORTE” and are the core of who we are. We believe in Fairness, Openness, Respect, Teamwork, and Execution. All we do—our work for clients and our culture for employees—centers around FORTE. CloudMoyo was honored as the Icertis Partner of the Year – FORTE Values in 2022, a reflection to our dedication to being reliable partners that truly embodies our core values. In 2023, CloudMoyo ranked #1 on Seattle Business Magazine’s “Top Companies to Work For,” ranking for 4 consecutive years! 

Trusted by our clients to address their unique business needs, whether strategy and design or implementation, CloudMoyo is fueled by the fast-evolving and innovative world of cloud, data, AI/ML, and digital engineering platforms. We’re determined to continue supporting our customers in transforming with resilience and thriving despite the challenging macroeconomic outlook ahead. Our track record includes developing enterprise solutions for a variety of clients, including several Fortune 1000 companies.