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For the retail industry, omni-channel is the new normal. Leaders in the industry are fast adapting and integrating their channels to deliver a seamless buying lifecycle experience to their customer. They are analyzing customer click streams and store buying behavior to create new offers and recommend new products. As a result, the use of next-generation technologies is critical for their success.

CloudMoyo helps retail industry to widen their reach and acquire more customers to deliver personalized experiences. Retailers can apply data analytics to every stage of the retail process, from tracking emerging, trending products to conducting sales forecasts, predict future demand using analytics, AI, and ML technologies, and optimize product and offer placements through customer heat-mapping. Data analytics helps retailers to identify what products customers are most likely to be interested in through analysis of past purchases and find the best way to offer personalized service to customers through targeted marketing strategies. CloudMoyo offerings help retailers to become a part of consumer lives through trusted experiences that are delivered profitably.

Industries we work with

General merchandise (including convenience and discount retailers)

Department stores

Specialty stores

Mobile and internet retailers

Grocery stores and supermarkets

Restaurants and dining establishments


CloudMoyo intelligent data services for the retail industry empower retailers to adapt to the digital retail marketplace and leverage analytics to make smart predictions, optimize products and offers, and improve customer satisfaction.

Personalized offers

Insights into customer behavior, including future purchases

Optimization of store and product placement

Marketing strategies

Improved customer service and satisfaction

Make smart predictions, forecast future trends, and optimize products and placements



Price optimization


Effective discount strategy


Future performance prediction


Churn rate reduction


Identify opportunities with high return on investment (ROI)


Identify customers


Forecast trends


Demand prediction


Accommodate small-scale retailers

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“For leading companies to move towards a self-service BI and AI applications environment, it is key that the foundational data engineering and architecture is robust, reliable, and scalable and access to data is intuitively delivered with precision and a solid user experience. CloudMoyo has been a great partner in Terracon’s journey towards self-service BI and data science.”

- Jason Kephart, CIO, Terracon