Know What Matters with ‘What-If’ Parameter

Due to Covid-19, businesses are facing a multitude of challenges adjusting to the reality of a new normal that can impact their projects severely. Unavailability of labor, technical support, and resources are causing project delays. The engineering and construction industries in particular are among the most impacted sectors.

As the pandemic continues to expand, the delay of projects is causing inefficiencies and financial loss that can have a heavy impact on a company’s revenue. Are you looking for adapting faster and more efficient ways to understand which projects are affected and also assess their net impact?

The good news is, technology is playing a critical role in helping organizations to succeed in the face of this crisis.

Download this infographic to discover:

  • How different industries are leveraging the benefits of Power BI
  • How to cruise through the ever-growing volumes of data to predict/forecast with high-value insights
  • How a leading AEC company is tracking financial data from the ERP system to map the impact of COVID-19 on high-value projects
  • How to get started with CloudMoyo Decision Analytics suite of data visualization and consulting services.
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