A Business Leader’s Guide to Low Code

An emerging strategy to accelerate digital transformation

Did you know that low-code platforms and tools are emerging as powerful enablers of resilient digital transformation?

According to research from Forrester, there is a 50% growth in adoption of low-code platforms in a $4 billion market. Given the rapid pace of innovation, changing customer needs, and increased dependencies on IT teams for custom application development, business leader’s have reached an impasse. You must re-think IT strategies in order to accelerate change and development at the pace now required, and reduce time-to-market. Low-code applications and development platforms like Microsoft Power Platform are emerging as the precursors of democratized development tools, empowering central IT and business users alike to quickly build customized apps, automate workflows, and deploy intelligence bots.

A few other reasons low-code is taking center-stage:

  • 82% of firms say app development outside of IT is important (451 Research)
  • Low-code and no-code solutions have the ability to reduce development time by 90% (Redhat)
  • 80% of organizations state that citizen developers have given IT more breathing room (AppSheet)
  • The average company avoided hiring 2 IT developers using low-code, reaping $4.4 million in business value over 3 years from the applications (Forrester)

Download the infographic to understand the business and IT pushes for low-code adoption, and how low-code can accelerate digital transformation.


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