The Way Ahead: Maximizing Equipment Lifetime with Predictive Maintenance

The industrial manufacturing and production sectors have experienced a digital revolution recently. Facing growing volumes of enterprise data, companies in this sector are looking for creative solutions to put real-time, streaming data to use by obtaining actionable insights from it. Data modelling, IoT analytics, and predictive maintence analytics are allowing asset managers to stay ahead of potential equipment health-related challenges, improve outcomes, and maximize equipment lifetime.

In this Industry Perspective, we take a deep look at predictive maintence, where unstructured data is collected from industrial equipment, vehicles, and other assets in real-time, inputs are taken from actuators, sensors, and other parameters, and data is analyzed in order to prescribe required maintenance and avoid equipment failures.

You’ll also learn about the advantages of predictive maintenance:

  • Optimization of equipment lifetime
  • Operational cost-cutting
  • Reduce maintenance planning time

Read more on how you can harness artificial intelligencepredictive analytics, and intuitive visualizations to draw real-time data insights to analyze your assets. A strong predictive maintenance strategy can help you forecast equipment failure, classify failure-types, perform fault diagnosis, and create an appropriate maintenance plan.

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