Smart driver duty assignments for HOS compliance

Digital transformation is changing the face of driver duty assignments for carriers today—including workforce safety and fleet safety.

With the increasing applicability of AI and ML technologies in the transportation industry, formerly manual, reactive, and often error-prone processes like duty assignments or the logging of hours are changing into something more predictive and automated to make daily operations easier for fleet owners and operators and drivers alike.

Dive into this Industry Perspective to get a detailed view into how carriers today can ensure that they are more compliant with FMCSA Hours of Service rules than ever, leveraging these technology enablers. You’ll find out what benefits you can gain, including:

  • Tracking eligibility such as CDL qualifications
  • Automate rosters and duty assignments
  • Seamlessly meet HOS requirements
  • Interface with an ELD device to accurately log driver duty times
  • Quick reporting pulling HOS data

Download your copy of the Industry Perspective to find out what other key compliance benefits digitalization is offering carriers today, helping them ensure optimal safety every mile of the journey.


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