Latest in data warehouse modernization

In a fiercely competitive market, adopting modern means of data manipulation and transformation are vital to the success of a business. Many organizations are still using Excel for analyzing and representing data. To stay ahead of their competition, businesses resort to sophisticated power users, modern reporting tools, and multiple data platforms. Decision-makers are increasingly realizing the value of having better information systems and advanced data warehouses.

As a CTO of your company, if you intend to modernize your organization’s data warehouse, begin by revisiting the business drivers and re-evaluating all the reporting capabilities of your organization. These two elements, if well taken care of, can transform the business structure completely.

Here are some important questions to ask yourself to find out if your organization needs to modernize the data warehouse in use.

  • Is your organization running the relational data warehouse structures or using structures such as Hadoop and data lakes?
  • Can your data warehouse handle large volumes of data and analyze it to give the right solutions needed for decision-making?
  • How does your organization respond to a variety of subject areas and diverse data sources? Is the response slow or quick?
  • Does your organization’s data warehouse maximize the performance and scalability? Does it have the right platform and architecture to achieve the data analysis goals?
  • Has the business mastered the new trends in data analysis and representation, such as data integration and virtualization?

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