A Savvy Leader’s Guide to Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics is an analytics service that brings together big data analytics and enterprise data warehousing. With a multitude of advanced technologies at its disposal, Azure Synapse Analytics offers a unified experience to store, analyze, and drive actionable insights from your enterprise data.

Typically, the storage and processing of structured and unstructured data differ significantly. It has resulted in a gap between data lakes and data warehouses. Azure Synapse Analytics seamlessly bridges this gap by bringing together Azure SQL Data Warehouse and Azure Data Lake at your disposal as well as deep integrations with Power BI and Azure Machine Learning. Synapse also offers a robust partner ecosystem that includes Informatica, Databricks, Attunity, Panoply, Accenture, Talend, Apache Spark, and more.

Download this industry perspective to find out how you can leverage this unified experience of Azure Synapse Analytics for your enterprise data and empower data professionals within your organization.


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