A Business Leader’s Guide to Low Code Platforms

It’s time to rethink application development to drive resilient digital transformation.

Disruptors like the COVID-19 pandemic have accentuated the need for rapid, custom application development in order to deliver efficiencies, cut costs, and gain market share. The rate and pace of digital transformation has accelerated to the point that IT, with traditional software development, can no longer keep up.

Download this whitepaper to read about the rise of low-code platforms like Microsoft Power Platform is a rapidly evolving, disruptive world, and how these platforms uniquely meet the needs of enterprises to build resilience from a technical and business perspective. Adoption of low-code platforms is driving 50% annual growth in a $4 billion market (Forrester), so it’s no wonder that businesses are adoption low-code capabilities. These capabilities are enabling central IT and business users alike to build apps quickly, automate workflows and business processes, and respond to customer needs in-the-moment with intelligent bots.

Benefits of low-code platforms:

  • Decrease time needed to meet business requirements
  • Faster app development and more time to spend on design
  • Expanded software delivery capacity with reduced costs
  • Accelerate efficiencies with automation of operational processes
  • Empower business users to understand and utilize data


Download the whitepaper to understand how low-code platforms fit into your application development strategy.

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