Leveraging Microsoft Power BI in the AEC Industry to automate financial functions

Construction has become a complex industry with massive and expensive projects, with data generated daily. Finance professionals in this industry often find the manual process of gathering and processing data for decision making tedious and time-consuming.  

Owing to its ease of use through intuitive dashboards, Power BI is an extensively used tool for industries like the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) sector to automate financial functions.  

Power BI offers the capability to combine financial data with ERP data to draw valuable insights rapidly with business intelligence dashboards. This interactive data visualization tool also helps them save time and resources while being able to report on critical information in real-time.

AEC businesses can make strategic decisions to face challenges and improve processes. Using the Power BI Financial Dashboard, managers in the AEC business can leverage data analytics, report visualization, and monitor the KPIs to track project progress and optimize inventory management.

Download this industry perspective to learn how you can leverage Azure Services and Power BI with CloudMoyo to end your data struggles and be a leader in the AEC industry. 

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