Physicians Realty Trust Implements Contract Intelligence Solution in Partnership with CloudMoyo

In the dynamic world of real estate, companies often experience rapid growth, leading to an expanded portfolio of properties across diverse locations. This expansion results in an increased volume of contracts with various stakeholders, such as tenants, property managers, and vendors. Handling these contracts efficiently becomes a crucial challenge for real estate businesses seeking to maintain seamless operations and maximize their potential for success.


Our client, Physicians Realty Trust, was facing similar challenges. Having built a portfolio of nearly 300 properties nationwide, they were looking for a more streamlined contract management process. As a solution, they sought to implement an advanced Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform to simplify contract creation, execution, and tracking. By implementing the CLM platform in collaboration with CloudMoyo, Physicians Realty Trust revolutionized its contract management operations, ensuring compliance, improving searchability, and simplifying labor-intensive tasks.

Discover how Physicians Realty Trust modernized their contract management operations and unlocked the potential of their contracts with CloudMoyo’s transformative solution. Learn more about how your organization can propel your real estate business toward unparalleled efficiency and success.

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