National Equipment Rental Company Improves Contracting Experience for Customers

Obligation management is critical in businesses bringing together vendors and consumers. Vendors want safe usage of goods and services while customers require timely delivery and best-in-class quality. Identifying such obligations from a large number of contracts, assigning ownership, and maintaining visibility are extremely difficult if done manually.

Our client is the channel between vendors and consumers, and the core of their business value lies in facilitating a flawless rental experience for both parties. Imagine having thousands of contracts to scan physically and store in SharePoint. This manual method would be tedious and most importantly would lack monitoring capabilities. This would inevitably expose the client to breach of contractual obligations. Today, the market has many contracting platforms. Choosing an advanced contract management platform and the right implementation partner is a must for rental companies. It safeguards the company from risks and liabilities while also freeing up company resources for lesser monotonous tasks.

Download our case study to find out more about the solution our client chose to adopt and the adoption’s impact on their contract lifecycles.


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