With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic, businesses are facing many challenges adjusting to the reality of a new normal that can impact their projects severely. Unavailability of labor, technical support, resources, or supply deliveries; travel restrictions; and the need to maintain social distancing on-site are causing project delays.

In this customer success story, find out how CloudMoyo implemented a what-if parameter in a leading AEC company’s existing model and Power BI reports. This enabled the predicting or forecasting of what could happen in the future, giving finance professionals and project managers a single view to make informed decision-making. A what-if analysis helps an organization best-determine its next move in the market, based on historical data, and can provide valuable insights that’ll help organizations pivot based on what-if scenarios in a future containing unknowns.

Find out how a leading AEC company leveraged Power BI to stay on top of project status and gain clarity into the impact of a pandemic on their business.