Leading AEC Company Infuses Dynamic Data Reporting System

Automated data collection is vital for seamless operations and informed decision-making in construction management. A staggering 16% of construction productivity is lost annually due to rework caused by manual errors. Automation can take many forms in construction from handling repetitive tasks to streamlined workflows to improved data accuracy.

Our customer, a prominent construction company in North America, faced inefficiency challenges with automating tasks due to the use of multiple applications. They lacked a centralized reporting system, leading to time-consuming manual data collection and report generation. Despite using Fieldwire, Device Magic, and a pricing tool, the non-integrated system made data analytics difficult, delaying insights and decision-making processes.

Recognizing the need to modernize its data methodology, the company partnered with CloudMoyo to develop a Dynamic Data Reporting System (DDRS). This solution seamlessly integrates with existing applications, ensuring real-time data access and reduced report creation time from days to minutes.

Learn more about the Dynamic Data Reporting System and how our tailored solution enhanced operation efficiency and data accuracy at this construction company.

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