How a Large Tax Company Transformed Big Data Architecture with Azure HDInsight

Big data management has become increasingly difficult with the volumes of data growing exponentially and companies struggling with maintaining cost and performance with an old, fragmented architecture. Therefore, businesses are searching for solutions to collect and store structured or unstructured data in a more efficient and cost saving way.

For this customer, a large tax preparation services company headquartered in Kansas, we have helped them move away from a complex, in-house, on-premises big data infrastructure that was inefficient in computing file processing and transformation. We have helped them overcome big data challenges such as cost cutting, network latency, and scalability by leveraging Azure HDInsight, a Microsoft service that provides companies a software framework to manage, analyze and process big data. With Azure HDInsight, our customer can save time, cost, and manual efforts for infrastructure maintenance, as well as improve data processing performance, scale easily, and eliminate bottlenecks in operations.

Download the full customer success story to see the value delivered and other benefits we’ve provided for this customer.

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