CloudMoyo Helps Retail and Food Giant Get Enterprise-Ready for Implementing ICI (Contract Lifecycle Management) Within their Organization

Realizing that the contract lifecycle management is a big investment, our client wanted get prepared thoroughly for the implementation to maximize the value. They wanted to focus on some less obvious yet critical areas to ensure smooth and seamless implementation experience.

With an aim of making the CLM implementation less stressful and more valuable, the client wanted to understand and identify the prerequisites of the CLM deployment such as process and the efforts involved during and post CLM implementation. They wanted to list down their priorities and scopes to get future ready for ICI readiness, based on the health check findings.

Here are the key challenges our customer was facing-

  • Manual process across the organization
  • Lack of reporting capabilities
  • No proper workflow
  • Single source to manage all agreements
  • Less visibility for agreements across different business units

CloudMoyo helped the customer get have an optimized set of clauses and templates which are easier to maintain and which better serve one of key KPIs for ICI i.e. Governance. With our Template harmonization process, we compared and optimized the total number of clauses and templates that the organization had across, geographies and departments.

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