Cloud data architecture establishes readiness for advanced analytics and AI/ML applications at Terracon

Limited access to information, slow and intensive analytics, data silos, and increased time to develop insights are only a few of the challenges that organizations with traditional, on-premises data warehouse face. The reality is the cascading effects of data struggles in business decisions and losing time and extensive resources in the process. A modern, cloud data architecture not only overcomes such challenges but also increases the value of your enterprise data.

Growing engineering firm Terracon selected CloudMoyo as a leading technology partner to provide a roadmap for enterprise modernization for data migration, a short and long-term analytics strategy, and a plan for data strategy and governance. CloudMoyo created a modern data architecture solution with Snowflake data warehouse leveraging Microsoft Azure Data Factory V2, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Analysis Services, and Power BI dashboards to support better business decisions.

Today, Terracon is tapping into meaningful insights faster than ever. The scalable, sustainable solution has formed the foundation of a modern data architecture and is meeting all enterprise data needs while also establishing readiness for advanced analytics and AI/ML initiatives.

Find out how modern data architecture provides a single version of the truth to stakeholders for aligning business objectives with increased transparency and making faster data-driven decisions.

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