A Global Engineering Company Transformed Its Contracts and Enterprise Data Into Strategic Business Assets

Cloud is transforming the way we interact with data, bringing order and efficiency to the chaos that data in multiple on-site systems creates. As several industries move towards leveraging cloud technology, they are also increasingly realizing the value of real-time insights from their enterprise data. This is where cutting edge big data analytics and powerful data visualization have been making strides, helping enterprise data tell a story. For businesses to have a competitive edge, they need a complete view of their business with critical insights captured from different enterprise data sources all in one view.

CloudMoyo custom-built a solution for a leading AEC company to leverage a 360-degree view of their business with integrated insights from ICI ODS and other critical enterprise data sources. Download this case study to learn how our customer is leveraging Azure technologies, ICI, and enterprise systems like CRM and ERP for near real-time updates and being on top of their contracts and projects.

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