4 Ways Low Code is Transforming the Banking and Finance Industry

The banking and finance industry is thinking about low-code and no-code platforms. Low-code is a software development approach that requires little-to-no coding and is used to build applications and processes. Low-code democratizes the ability to quickly create apps without coding, automate workflows, and create personalized experiences for customers in reduced timelines.

Ready to understand how and why the banking and finance industry is looking to gain a competitive edge by adopting low-code capabilities, AI capabilities, and modernizing application architecture with low-code? In this Industry Perspective, we dive into the 4 ways that low-code is transforming the industry, share recommendations to address security and governance concerns, and provide guidance on how to bake low-code into your digital transformation journey.

This is the must-have guide for IT and business leaders alike who are:

  1. Navigating changes in the industry
  2. Are looking for solutions that will deliver personalized, sophisticated, and seamless customer experiences
  3. Want to understand better what low-code/no-code technology is
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