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What is Conflict of Interest?

Conflict of interest (COI) in business occurs when an individual’s personal interests might compromise their judgment, decision-making, or other workplace actions. It can increase the risk of bias or poor judgment, tarnish an organization’s publish image and erode trust, and even violate laws.

About the CloudMoyo COI Application

Developed by CloudMoyo, this Conflict of Interest (COI) application was built on AWS using PaaS services. This app automates the COI process and simplifies the collection of important COI information, ensuring organizational compliance with international and federal regulations. Rather than spending hours tracking disclosures and approvals, organizations can trigger automated workflows to complete the COI process, including any further necessary reviews. As a use case, Human Resources departments can streamline employee onboarding by triggering workflows within the COI app.

Other features include:

  1. Automated workflows triggered after COI forms are sent
  2. Easy reports tracking, digital signatures, reduced manual work
  3. System flows include employee onboarding, employees with previously declared conflicts of interest, & employees with newly declared conflicts
  4. Quarterly report generated – Conflict of Commitment Quarterly Disclosure
  5. Components include security, data storage, auditing, & more

A Guide to Conflict of Interest Automation

Why Work with CloudMoyo?

CloudMoyo is a global digital engineering firm headquartered in Bellevue, WA, with an innovation center in Pune India. We’re at the intersection of cloud and AI for enterprises across manufacturing, technology, retail, transportation, distribution, and more. 

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